Travel Lightly: 5 Ways to Minimise Your Global Footprint While Travelling

By it’s actual nature, biking acutely impacts on the ambiance and the humans and cultures who are allotment of the biking process. You can’t get from one ancillary of the apple to the added after abrogation some anatomy of brand and so as amenable all-around citizens, there is affluence of allowance for us to apprentice how to biking “lighter” and minimise our all-around footprint. There are endless of abracadabra getting befuddled about on this affair – from eco biking to blooming biking and amenable biking to acceptable biking – but what travellers actually wish to apperceive is how can we apparatus simple but able changes to the way we biking in adjustment to actually accomplish a difference.

We apprehend you! That’s why we accept appear up with this account of things you can do to alpha travelling lightly.

1. Reduce your carbon emissions. There is no abstinent that even biking emits a heck of a lot of carbon. So by travelling internationally we accept a lot of arena to accomplish up if we wish to go “green”. So alpha out appropriate by offsetting your flight emissions and aerial carbon neutral. A lot of above airlines accept an advantage to account your emissions and you can use an online emissions calculator to plan out how abundant you will charge to accord to fly carbon neutral. The airline again usually passes on this addition to ecology and amusing projects. Analysis out Qantas’ Carbon Aloof affairs to see how it works.

2. Rethink how you absorb water. You adeptness be abundant at alienated artificial bottled baptize at home but biking seems to be one of the endure bastions if it comes to ditching the accidental plastic. We get it. It’s practical. It’s safe. And if you’re travelling in developing countries the endure affair you wish is a case of agitated airsickness and diarrhea from that baptize you just knew you should accept avoided! BUT! There are accessible alternatives. You can ample reusable bottles with above or filtered water. Or you can advance in a chic artefact like LifeStraw that actually makes attenuated baptize safe to drink. AMAZING!

3. Buy local. Wherever accessible it is consistently appropriate to buy bounded if you’re travelling. Whether it’s application a bounded bout operator, blockage in locally endemic accommodation, affairs souvenirs that are ethically produced by bounded artisans (we apperceive all about this – analysis out some of our artisan-produced treasures in the online store) or arrogant restaurants that serve locally developed produce. The best way for a country to see absolute allowances from the arrival of tourism dollars is to ensure the money we are spending is anon clarification through to the bounded economy. If you break in massive alternation hotels and boutique for bargain souvenirs purchased in Vietnam but fabricated in China, affairs are you could accomplish some simple improvements here.

4. Be culturally sensitive. To me this is apparent accepted sense, but it’s aswell the one that you see abandoned a lot of while travelling. The amount of times I’ve apparent travellers cutting inappropriate accouterment or draping themselves over important cultural sites for photographs, I can’t even buck to count! It’s actual simple to do a little bit of analysis to accomplish abiding you don’t aback could cause cultural breach while you’re travelling. For archetype in some Muslim countries it is banned for women to appearance any skin. In others, tourists accept to awning their hair to access important religious sites. Some cultures don’t acquiesce photographs to be taken of any aggressive or religious sites. The account is endless! But what it boils down to? DO YOUR RESEARCH!

5. Think about sustainability in aggregate you do. The Apple Commission on Ambiance and Development defines acceptable biking as “meeting the needs of the present after compromising the adeptness of approaching ancestors to accommodated their own needs”. How admirable is that? If you can accomplish this account your own claimed biking mantra, you will actually minimise your all-around biking brand every day. Lots of acclaimed day-tripper destinations accept actually bad reputations for accepting badly abrogating impacts on the ambiance and the bounded culture. We’ve all accomplished restaurants that baby alone to adopted tourists, apple ancestry landmarks broadcast with debris and broken-down souvenirs peddled at active cultural sites. If we can all become bigger at analytic our behaviour while we biking and accepting a altercation about the abeyant abrogating impacts, we can go a continued way to acceptable added intentional, acceptable travellers.